Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nerd Alert.

Well, I guess I started a blog. Blog blog blog. And I thought facebook was bad enough for me. But this is quite different. This blog is wholly for intellectual purposes so that makes me feel much better.

I'm definitely looking forward to this class because of the background each of us has to contribute to discussion. We all share a common language because we have taken similar classes that count as women's studies credits but we also have differing ideas and opinions. I hope that the class discussions are much like those we had last semester in Gender & Sexuality in the 20th Century (aka "It's About Sex!") There were days in the class when small group discussion times were extended simply because there was so much to talk about. And it wasn't like we all agreed on every issue. I believe if that were the case, discussions wouldn't last as long and would not be as engaging. The list of literature for the class also looks very exciting. I'm looking forward to reading more about motherhood, female sexuality, and more from Judith Butler (She is very interesting but incredibly difficult to understand.)

As for myself:

I'm a Senior Studio Art and Women's Studies Major. I hope that my background in art will add an interesting perspective to most of the discussions we have in class. Other Women's Studies related courses I have taken include : Intro to Women's Studies, Biology of Women, Feminist Political Theory, Human Sexuality, Feminist Theology, Philosophy and Feminism, Women in America, and now this class! yah.

I hope I didn't miss anything.

See yous guys in class!

Peace out.

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Anne said...

Thanks, Laura! I too hope our class discussions will be so engaging that we will always feel as if we don't have enough time to discuss enough.